Nonprofit digital rights organization since July 2012

About Partyvan

Partyvan is a nonprofit organization defending civil liberties and promoting free culture in the digital world. Founded in July 2012 and ran by volunteers, we actively contribute to other nonprofit causes which share our values.

We are firm believers of freedom of speech, the right to privacy and transparency. We also value and simplicity.

Partyvan also hosts privacy aware services in Europe for the public and our members:

Partyvan publishes an extensive amount of transparency about its operations at Partyvan's transparency archive.


Partyvan hosts a public Internet Relay Chat network. Join and find us at #/g/partyvan.

Connecting to Partyvan IRC network

To access the Partyvan IRC servers, you'll first need an IRC client. For beginner IRC users, we recommend to use a graphical IRC client such as .

Once you have an IRC client, you may connect to Partyvan IRC network ports 6665–6669 at SSL/TLS is available on port 6697. Tor-SASL users may connect to irc.tcqe3dubr6oeq23n.onion.

Mirror site

Partyvan hosts a mirror site for Libreboot, OpenBSD, Tails, The Tor Project and more at .

You can become a mirror of Partyvan. See our mirrors page.


Juuso Lapinlampi
Rautatienkatu 78 A 24
90400 Oulu

For abuse complaints, mail to . Please refer to Partyvan's law enforcement guidelines when seeking for user information.

CC0 1.0 Universal/Public domain - No rights reserved. See LICENSE.txt.